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Ramblings of a MAD Data Scientist. Memoirs on Data Science, Analytics, Machine Learning, Statistics, AI, Technology, Business, Marketing, Psychology, Deep Learning and more. Trials, tribulations, and learnings of humble academia to working class to a modern journeyman progress. Sharing knowledge, empowering global communities & absolutely driving a worldwide social impact.

MadSigma.com is both a professional and personal journey across all things data science, analytics, business management and scientific process improvements. Witness the pivotal moment in the next transformational age.

Own what you say and say what you own, say what you mean and mean what you say. Freedom of thought, we all have a voice, woohoo. Winning. Staying hungry, staying humble, and keeping it real. The more you know the more absolutely you don’t effin’ know. Living passionately by my motto “Plan for the worst, expect the best, then just go for it!”​

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Yours Truly,
Mike :\> [MadSigma.com Publisher and Lifelong Data Science / Analytics Advocate]

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